DO what you WANT

Let your voice be your guide

You have HUGE ambition, a laundry list of ideas and a passionate soul. 

So what now? 

Do a deep dive for what you really want to do with your life and career. 

After sailing with a major cruise line company for six years, I burned out. I moved back to my parents at thirty-two. I bounced from job to job in the hotel, tourism and educational fields, never feeling like it was the right fit. 

Yet, all the while, I was building a superpower. 

Connecting people with people. 

You know the line: “I got a guy.”

Someone will need your help. 

I feel you. Networking has been in my DNA for years! Connecting people with people brings me so much joy!

I know what you want: you want nothing more in a career, a business or a job than to contribute, being passionate and, well, let’s face it, making money! 

It can take a lifetime (and sometimes a baby!) to show you the way. 

So imagine if: 

  • You streamlined who you are.
  • You connected with the right people (at home or from your new home abroad).
  • You aligned yourself with a business that fits you.


Using video in your career to showcase who you are, what you do and how you can be of service is a no brainer, right? 

Yet the thought of appearing on camera and listening to yourself creates a deep sense of OMG!

As a professional, you need to bang out your ideas, sometimes quickly or in the form of a polished presentation for potential clients. So how do you do that and stay true to you? 

It’s always about tapping into what YOU already know! Your business, your passion, your convictions. 

When you tap into who you are, you will attract your ideal client, beam with confidence and authenticity. It’s all in you already. We need to reach in and pull it out so you can shine! 

The rest is easy peasy! 

At the end of the day, Every Opportunity is a Speaking Opportunity. How will you seize it? 

Book a call today to assess where you need to extend your network to reach your dream business, job and connections. 



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