SAY what you WANT

Let your voice be your guide

Let your voice be your guide. 

Say what you want.

I hear what you want to say.

I know what you want to say.

But it doesn’t come out.

You know what you have to say but seem paralyzed with fear in “getting it out”.

You think you have to get it right, sound a certain way, move a certain way. The right way. But, what is right?

What does speaking really mean to you? Is it about: 

  • Your voice? 
  • The way you move? 
  • The content?
  • The impact?

You are right about all of these points, however… Speaking to me means SO much more! 

Coaching you to be the ultimate speaker you can be is not only a passion but a mission. My goal is to empower you to speak your truth in an authentic and strategic way. 

Using my intuition as one of my tools, you will shine by realizing your unique voice can have an incredible impact. When you connect all of the pieces of the speaking puzzle you will BE and SOUND like the expert you are. 

When I started my speaking business it was to give myself, other women and, eventually, young people the power to know how to express themselves fully, in a meaningful way.

  • Speaking with confidence
  • Communicating clearly
  • Saying what you really mean and above all, saying it well (cuz we all know it takes some people some effort to be diplomatic, nice or polite)

Essentially, when you tap into who you are as a speaker, you will attract your ideal client, beam with confidence and authenticity. It’s all in you already. We need to reach in and pull it out so you can shine!

Does this resonate with you?


As a professional, you need to bang out your ideas in a quick manner at times or present a polished presentation for potential clients. So how do you do that and stay true to you? 

It’s always about tapping into what YOU already know! Your business, your passion, your convictions. 

With the Speech Development Outline, your ideas are streamlined and the content flows!

The rest is easy peasy! 

At the end of the day, Every Opportunity is a Speaking Opportunity. How will you seize it? 

Book a call now to explore where you are in your journey, where you want to be and what is missing to get you to be the superstar you are!


Teen Talk was born from a visit to my alma mater. As I walked out of the school and looked over my shoulder at the main entrance, I realized I had never been supported in overcoming my shyness in school.

The program is unique in celebrating each teen’s strengths and weaknesses and giving them the tools they will need for future speaking opportunities. 

You may be a parent or a teacher witnessing some hard times with teens who have a boat load to say but have no clue where to start. 

As an educator with 30+ years in the education field, the program was designed to be educational and fun! We navigate the skills and incorporate them into practical activities. 

School programs and individual coaching are available. Book your call today



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